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Downriver Chevrolet Discounts and Rebates

Before you buy from anywhere, contact me to make sure you are getting all of your proper discounts and rebates.

Here are some of the many discounts and rebates that may be available to you. Contact me for a consultation about the other, more obscure discounts you may be entitled to. These rebates change all the time.

GM Employee Discount
If you work for or have a relative that works for General Motors, They can give you this special pricing discount.

GM Friends & Family Discount
If you know somebody that works for General Motors but you are not a relative, They can give you a Supplier Discount.

GM Supplier Discount
Depending on where you work you may be entitled to receive a GM Supplier Discount.

GM Military Discount
Current and Discharged Military personel are entitled to recieve Supplier DIscount Pricing. If you are a member of U.S.A.A. you may also receive an additional $750 Rebate on youe GM Purchase or lease.

GM Educator Discount
School and University Employees can get Supplier Discount Pricing.

GM College Discount
College Students and recend graduates cal get a discount for up to two yease after graduation

Additional $750 Rebate for participating Credit Union Members. (Contact me to see if you are eligible)


$250 to $2,000 each when in effect. Contact me to see which ones apply to you.

  • GM Lease Loyalty Rebate
  • GM Loyalty Rebate
  • GM Conquest Rebate
  • GM Trade in Assistance Rebate
  • GM Bonus Cash
  • GM Card Top Off Bonus Cash
  • GM Holiday and Special Days Bonus Cash